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Ing. Gabriela Šachová

In my work, I love uncovering human potential, contributing to professional growth opportunities, and being a part of others‘ development.

Gabriela is a graduate of the College of Economics and Management, specializing in Human Resources Management. During the initial stages of her studies, she focused on working with children – she studied pedagogy at FFUK and worked as a remedial assistant in a pedagogical-psychological counselling centre. Later, she became interested in a different field – personnel management, where she can contribute to the professional development of experts from various areas. She actively engages in activities that support employee development within the organization.

At ACE Consulting, she works as a consultant, primarily responsible for comprehensive recruitment of suitable candidates. Additionally, she is involved in the creation of Assessment and Development centres and providing 360°/180° feedback.

What makes me happy?  Spending time with my loved ones, who are my life inspiration, brings me joy. However, the greatest joy comes when I can contribute to making people around me happy.

What do I usually do to relax? I love photography, long walks, and dancing. So, if you take me on a good hike, put a camera in my hand, and let me dance along, I will be the happiest.

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