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… when you need to select and recruit qualified employees quickly and reliably.

Save your time and capacities. We work quickly and efficiently. You will meet the first candidates usually within two weeks.

We put stress not only who we are searching for, but also for whom we do it. We try to get to know the company environment in a great detail.

We have a wide and quality database of contacts, we are able to read the market and use new trends in addressing the passive candidates.

How does recruitment work in our company?


We guarantee the quality of our services. We are able to vouch for the selected candidate for the period of 3 to 6 months (individually according to the type of vacancy being filled).


We provide references as a supportive, however, significant tool for the final stage of your decision-making process relevant to taking on the selected employee.

Personnel Marketing

We thoughtfully present and mediate your corporate culture to the suitable candidates, whereby sharing in creating the desired image of your company. We support your employer branding.

Confidentiality and ethics of recruitment

We consider the information you provide us and which is necessary for our cooperation to be strictly confidential. We always agree on the extent of information provided.

We will find you high-quality candidates who meet your requirements and fit into corporate culture – our rate of success is 98% – you are most welcome to try us.

What are the principal benefits for the company and HR management?


  • You can make approaches to a qualified team of consultants and psychologists, using the cutting-edge methods in the process of selecting employees.
  • You will reduce your costs and shorten the time required for the whole process, starting with advertising over CV processing, candidate interviewing up to selecting and recommending the best ones to you.
  • All the recommended candidates are informed about the orientation of your company, your company culture, and the position in question and are motivated for the position as well.
  • We offer you our know-how obtained during more than twenty years of operating in the field of selecting candidates for the middle, higher and top management positions as well as our knowledge of the job market – salaries, labour turnover rates, effectiveness of particular media channels, differences in supply and demand of workforce in various market segments, possibility to use e-recruitment in selecting people etc.

What kind of outputs will we prepare for you?

Detailed report on the selected candidate, summing up the candidate’s personal information, education level and orientation, professional experience and, if needed, also the reasons for leaving their previous job. Furthermore you will find here an assessment of their professional and personality adequacy, motivation, their financial expectations and the date of their possible job commencement. Depending on the client’s requirements we can also provide you with the references and the candidate’s professional-psychological profile.

Presentation of the most suitable candidates to the client by the consultant responsible for the selection, thus ensuring the effective communication among all parties of the selection process.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our senior consultants.

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