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Satisfaction and motivation survey

… when you need to know every opinion of your employees and map your company´s culture for the purpose of the development of the whole company.

What are the essential contributions for the company and its management?


  • You will be able to map your company culture, the quality of communication and also the relationships among managers and specialists.
  • You will get to know in which way the strategy of your company is perceived as well as your targets and visions.
  • You will acquire specific information about the so-called efficiency indicators in the workplace – what might increase or decrease your productivity.
  • You will find out what motivates your employees and in which way their motives are fulfilled.
  • Benchmarking – with regard to our long-term experience we offer you a comparison with the results of the comparable companies.

What are our most important principles?

Employees anonymity

Completing questionnaires the anonymity is tremendously important for the employees. As an external company we guaranteed full anonymity. We use only the identification that is necessary for the objective judgement of the obtained output figures.

Communication campaign

Well-prepared communication campaign is a notable part of the total project that precedes filling in questionnaires and guarantees a maximum number of the motivated respondents. We will recommend possible ways of effective project promotion and good communication between employees and implementers of the satisfaction survey.

Results objectivity

The collaboration with an external company is perceived as a guarantee of higher objectiveness. We are responsible for the communication and handing over the results not only to the company management but also to the other employees.

Data collection

We are technically involved and ensure continuous, fast and effective data collection so that it would play havoc with the company processes as little as possible. Questionnaires can be administered either in a printed form or in an electronic one via internet.

How do we carry out satisfaction and motivation surveys?

1) Questionnaire creation, target and outputs specification
2) Creation of a time schedule
3) Information and communication campaign (to motivate employees)
4) Technical implementation of survey – Data collection itself
5) Outputs processing and preparation
6) Follow-up workshops, evaluation, final report preparation, conclusions and recommendations due to an agreement
7) Results and proposed measures presentation

Outputs will we prepare for you?


  • The final report contains a detailed evaluation of the survey and a comprehensive interconnection of data processed in the form of the graphs and tables.
  • Qualitative assessed opinions of employees and their specific (anonymised) notes are supported and specified by the quantitative results from the questionnaires.
  • In the selected fields our report is completed by a benchmark thanks to which you have the option to compare a survey results with the results of other outstanding companies in the Czech market.
  • The results interpretation and recommendations for the company management is an important part of the report. And even the creation of the so-called action plan for the future period of time is another part of the report.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will send you some examples of the questionnaire and the final report as well.

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